Gamze Cinar

Gamze Cinar

Biology Tutor, Academic Mentor

Qualified Biology Teacher with BSc & QTS | Years of Experience Teaching Biology at GCSE & A-Level

Gamze Cinar

About Me

I am an experienced Biology teacher, Head of Year and Examiner specialising in tutoring and exam preparation. With a first-class degree in Biomedical Science and years of teaching experience, I excel in imparting knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject. My dedicated tutoring approach prioritises each student's comprehension and problem-solving skills, making challenging subjects like Biology accessible and enjoyable. Your success is my priority, step into the future with confidence.



  • Exam Preparation Strategies

    Proven techniques for preparing students for biology exams, including practice tests, study guides, and time management.

  • Academic Mentor

    Guide students to academic excellence by providing tailored support in subjects, study skills, test preparation, and career planning.

  • Executive Functions Coach

    Empower individuals to enhance skills like time management, organization, and goal setting for improved productivity and well-being

  • University Prep Specialist

    I assist students in navigating the complex journey of preparing for higher education. From college selection and application guidance to essay writing and interview preparation.

Gamze CinarBiology Tutor, Academic Mentor
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