Oluwagbemiro Favour - Academic Coach.

Oluwagbemiro Favour - Academic Coach

Private Tutor

Unlock your full potential with personalized coaching. I guide individuals like you in navigating career transitions, mastering academic challenges, and achieving your goals. Through motivation, strategic planning, and skill development, I empower you to thrive in your academic and professional journey.
Oluwagbemiro Favour - Academic Coach


  • My first 30-minutes One-on-one with Coach Oluwagbemiro.
    A time to get on one-on-one with me. I guide individuals like you in navigating career transitions, mastering academic challenges, and achieving your goals. Through motivation, strategic planning, and skill development, I empower you to thrive in your academic and professional journey.
    30 min

Recurring sessions

  • Career Development and Academic Coaching.
    I guide individuals like you in navigating career transitions, mastering academic challenges, and achieving your goals. Through motivation, strategic planning, and skill development, I empower you to thrive in your academic and professional journey
    60 min

My Shop

  • How to choose a career path.
    I will guide you to choose the right career path
  • Interviews and students.
    Mistakes students make at interviews - I will guide you through what you should avoid.

About Me

I am Oluwagbemiro Favour, I am your passionate guide, igniting curiosity and nurturing growth in learners of all age. As a teacher, coach, and mentor, I weave education and Empowerment helping you discover your strength, navigate challenges and reach your full potential. I have 25+ years experience in teaching, counseling and academic coaching. I have my first degree in English Language Education. I have a certificate in NCE - National Certificate in Education, from Federal College of Education Yaba Lagos Nigeria. I have taught at the Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. I am a certified Life Coach and CBT Cognitive behavior Life Coach from The Transformation Academy USA. I have a certificate on how to develop your career plan from LinkedIn. I am certified with professional certification in the following courses/fields: 1. Positive behavior management 2. Safeguarding in Education 3. Creativity and creative problem -solving 4. Using questions to foster critical thinking and curiosity. 5. The 3 pillars of effective communication. 6. Measuring learning effectiveness. 7. Master emotional intelligence. 8. Managing your time. 9. Learning how to increase learners engagement. 10. Global Digital literacy 11. Creating culture of learning. 12. Inclusive learning. 13. Coaching skills. 14. Active listening: the secret of effective communication. 15. Artificial intelligence/ Generative AI 16. Persuasive coaching. 17. Interpersonal communication. 18. Leadership. 19. E-learning essential: Instructional design 20. Developing a learning mindset. 21. Developing your emotional intelligence. 22. How to teach virtually. 23. An Introduction to Teaching in England. 24. Coaching virtually 25. Introduction to child protection. 26. Child psychology. 27. PSEA - Introduction to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. 28. How to think strategically. 29. GenderEquality 30. Public speaking and many more.


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  • Educational Leadership.

    As an experienced High School Tutor, with a passion for fostering inclusive learning environments, I leverage my expertise in curriculum development and instructional leadership to empower teachers and drive student success. I am a results-oriented coach with a proven track record of improving school climate and culture, leading to increased student engagement and academic achievement. Due to my numerous contributions on academic matters, students engagement and personalized learning strategies, I was recognized as a Top Educational Leadership Voice on LinkedIn.

  • Motivation and Inspiration

    Goal setting and achievement: Helping my students identify their academic goals, break them down into actionable steps, and develop strategies to achieve them. Positive reinforcement and encouragement: Recognizing and celebrating student progress, fostering a growth mindset, and building confidence. Empathy and active listening: Creating a safe space for students to share their challenges and providing personalized support and guidance. Enthusiasm and passion: Demonstrating a genuine interest in my students' success and a contagious love for learning. Storytelling and goal visualization: Using anecdotes, examples, and visualization techniques to inspire and motivate my students.

  • Subject Matter Knowledge

    Strong subject matter knowledge: Demonstrating expertise in the subjects I tutor, allowing me to explain concepts clearly and effectively.

  • Assessment and diagnosis.

    Assessment and diagnosis: Identifying individual learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses to tailor my approach accordingly.

  • Differentiation and adaptation.

    Differentiation and adaptation: Creating personalized learning plans that cater to diverse needs and learning styles.

  • Effective communication.

    Effective communication: Explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, adapting my language to different learning styles.

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Problem-solving and critical thinking: Guiding students in developing strategies for tackling academic challenges and fostering critical thinking skills.

  • Time management.

    Time management and organizational skills: Helping students develop strategies for managing their time effectively and staying organized.

  • Interpersonal Skills/ Communication

    Communication and interpersonal skills: Building rapport with students and parents, creating a positive learning environment.

  • Patience and flexibility

    Patience and flexibility: Adapting my approach to different personalities and learning styles.

  • Cultural awareness.

    Cultural awareness and sensitivity: Respecting and valuing diverse backgrounds and learning experiences.

  • Technology integration.

    Technology integration: Utilizing digital tools and resources to enhance learning experiences.


  • Classroom Teacher.

    Oke-Odo Senior High School. Lagos State.

    I was a classroom teacher and a form teacher to Grade level 12. As a teacher, I was in charge of teaching my students, conducting assessment and evaluation, curriculum development and providing guidance. As a form teacher, I was to ensure the safety of my students, take attendance, report any concerns to appropriate authority and monitor their progress.

    Apr 1999 - Oct 2002
  • An Instructor and a Form Teacher.

    Command Day Secondary School, Maitama Abuja.

    I was the form teacher in charge of my students from Grade 09 - 12. I was with them for four years till they graduated in year 2020. I was honoured with the best form teacher for class of 2020 by CDSS Abuja.

    Oct 2002 - Present
  • Awarded Best Form Teacher.

    Command Day Secondary School Abuja Nigeria.

    In my role as a form teacher for grade 09 to 12, I successfully guided and mentored students throughout their high school journey, enabling them to graduate after four years of dedicated learning. During this tenure, I made significant achievements, such as: - Implementing innovative teaching methods to ensure optimal learning outcomes for students.

    Sep 2017 - Jul 2020