Else Costine
Else Costine

Else Costine

Coding Tutor

Full-time private educator with 10+ years of experience. Lead Teacher and Curriculum contributor. Proficient in: Python, Java, C++, and C#. AP Computer Science A and Principles Specialist.

About Me

Coding courses in school are often confusing, difficult, and discouraging - many students find themselves left behind or lost. Coditum's Computer Science curriculum is built on three principles: • Instructors proceed at the student's pace. • Learning by doing requires specific guidance • Curriculum is adapted based on student interest and desires. I've been working at Coditum since it began in 2013, and at SummerTech before that. Many of our other teachers have been my students in the past, or teach projects that I added to the curriculum. I instruct complete beginners, advanced students, and other teachers looking to round out their skills. I also provide AP tutoring; a number of my best students have chosen to skip the class and take the exam for course credit.


    Java or Python Class
    Our normal course, following the Coditum curriculum
    60 min
    AP Computer Science Class
    Going over the curriculum of AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles more directly.
    60 min
    Free Consultation Call
    You can set up a call to ask questions or discuss what you need free of charge!
    15 min

My Shop

    AP Practice Exam Review
    I will comprehensively go over the results of a practice exam question by question with the student.
    Consultation Call
    If you'd like to discuss the course, curriculum, or anything else with me, feel free to schedule a call!


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