F֍CUS Math and Physics Tutor
Mohammedberhan Said

Mohammedberhan Said

F֍cus Math and Physics Tutor

Mission: Provide unparalleled tutoring services.

Goal: Help students excel in math and physics as well as improve their critical thinking skills.


With a wealth of fifteen years dedicated to teaching and tutoring in the fields of physics and mathematics, I have developed a unique methodology that empowers me to successfully achieve my objectives. This approach, coined as ADMIE, serves as the cornerstone of my instructional strategy.

One-on-one $40/ hour.
Small Group (3 to 5 students): $20/hour/person




About Me

I am a senior geophysicist with experience of over thirty years from geophysical field data acquisition to processing and interpretation as well as supervision and petroleum negotiations. For the past eleven years, I have been dedicated to the realm of physics education at Columbus State Community College. My extensive expertise spans teaching and tutoring in both mathematics and physics, encompassing invaluable support for students gearing up for exams like ACT, SAT, GED, and various placement math tests at Dr. Nega Education Center. Within this role, I not only excelled in crafting teaching materials but also demonstrated proficiency in developing and delivering impactful lessons tailored to diverse audiences, encompassing various age groups and skill levels. Responsibilities included the creation and upkeep of a diverse range of instructional resources, from worksheets and presentations to comprehensive practice tests. I provide multiple perspectives and ideas on every tutoring challenge I face thanks to our multifaceted approach. I have extensive experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, including business people, from pre-school to post-graduate level. My success rates include significant gains in grades and overall confidence. I've seen students go from a F to an A in a matter of months. Let me build a strong relationship and give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills.


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    Math and physics
    Math and physics Tutoring
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