Jenna Jimenez

Jenna Jimenez

Customer Support Manager

Hi, Workee fam! πŸ™Œ My name is Jenna. If you're looking for a way to connect and collaborate with us, you're in the right place! Book a call with me and choose if you'd like to: πŸš€ Collab with Workee ⚑ Schedule a quick call πŸ•Ή Book a Demo/Onboarding call Have a question? Just tap the 'Ask a question' button and I'll get back to you soon! Have a lovely day! πŸ€—

What is Workee?

Workee is a software all-in-one solution designed for private tutors, teachers, coaches, and other freelancers who are building their private business. Workee creates your personal website in minutes, and it goes with built-in booking, payments, client and work management system already designed for youπŸš€ Why Workee? What's unique? 🌎 simplest no-code personal website builder βš™οΈ creating a personal website automatically with our Machine Learning system ⏰ one of the most flexible bookings and scheduling systems on the market πŸ’Έ built-in payments with 0% fees for all your payments, transactions, and invoices πŸ•Ή directly connected to work management and client tracking tools


    Demo/Onboarding CallπŸ•Ή
    I'll walk you through our system, help you to set up a Workee account, and answer all your questions about building a successful business with Workee.
    30 min
    Workee CollabπŸš€
    Let's connect and work on a collaboration! PS: Don't forget to add your social media links in the comments.
    25 min
    Quick Call⚑
    Have a question about Workee? Let's talk for a bit so I can assist you!
    15 min

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