Dan Jones (thelearningjay)

Study Coach & Productivity Mentor

At one point or another, we all struggle with our studies. Whether it's struggling to keep on top of our mountains of homework, coursework, and lectures, or struggling to remember what we've been taught, we've all been there. Over the past 3 years, I have dedicated myself to create super-students with science based (cognitive) techniques in productivity, time management, and most importantly: Memory. For academic success, without the stress: Choose thelearningjay.
Dan Jones (thelearningjay)

Recurring sessions

  • Study Coaching
    I will you on learning to learn ANY subject. Please provide below information about your current goals and studies.
    45 min

My Shop

  • Mastermind Study Guide
    Gain access to our heavily researched, intensively interactive study guide for students of all ages, of all subjects,
  • Student Time Management Guide
    Our digital guide on mastering your time management as a student (including causes and how to reduce screentime).


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  • Tutor

    UK Tutoring Business

    I tutored 50+ Students aged 10-16 for Maths, English, and Science.

    Sep 2021 - Dec 2022
  • Founder


    I started JonesTutoring, an educational services provider working with 10+ tutors in and around the UK for GCSEs and A Levels. Created the ESP initiative, a movement to bring Education, Support, and Passion together to foster independent students, accustomed to success without the stress.

    Oct 2022 - Present
  • Founder & Coach


    Working as an educational consultant for students from around the globe (17+ countries). Mentoring students: How to remember more of what they learn; How to master their time and make it work for them; How to turn procrastination into action; and preparing them for the next stages of their academic and professional journey.

    Jan 2024 - Present