Joey Tursi

Joey Tursi

Code and Design Teacher

Excited to meet you! I'm a code and design tutor, with a toolbelt ranging from Java and C++ to Blender and Adobe Creative Suite. Let's break the ice and get started!
Joey Tursi


  • 60 Minute Code Sesh
    1-on-1 Beginner to Intermediate lessons on Java, C++, or Python
    60 min
  • 60 Minute Design Sesh
    1-on-1 Beginner to Intermediate lessons on Blender, Premiere Pro, or Photoshop
    60 min

About Me

Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Biotechnical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Initially starting in 3D design and branching out to code, I feel I have a unique perspective I'd love to share! I treat every lesson as an opportunity to adapt my teaching methods to you specifically, so we're not wasting a moment. I'm a people-oriented person and no matter your background in any study you're interested in, I'm sure we can tackle it together.


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    Boulder, CO

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  • Java

    Using Java since adolescence at SummerTech camps and continuing to use it academically.

  • Blender

    Working as Lead 3D Modeling Teacher at SummerTech camps presently.

  • C++

    Studying C++ and more as a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

  • Adobe Creative Suite

    Independent experience editing for local organizations and personal projects.


  • Lead 3D Modeling Teacher


    Guiding students through 3D Design and allowing them to grow creatively at their own pace while helping lead and support my peers through events and classes.

    Jun 2019 - Present
  • Dean's Assistant for Human Resources

    CU Boulder - College of Engineering

    Optimizing the Dean's Suite with code. Communicating with a team to ensure that responsibilities are explicit, meetings are planned, and goals are set. Keeping record of employees and their information while managing awards and onboarding.

    Apr 2023 - Present