Vikas Patel K R

Vikas Patel K R

Mathematics Learning Specialist

Embark on a journey to mathematical excellence with over a decade of experienced guidance. Achieve impressive SAT-Math scores, including perfect 800s, and success in top institutions like Stanford University. Specializing in AP Precalculus, Honors Algebra, and more, my teaching philosophy prioritizes a supportive, judgment-free environment for academic and personal growth. Unlock your full mathematical potential with me!
Vikas Patel K R


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About Me

Get ready to embark on a journey towards mathematical excellence with personalized guidance from a seasoned educator. With over a decade of experience working with American Middle School and High School students, I've nurtured numerous success stories, including multiple SAT-Math scores exceeding 750, with some reaching as high as 800! Some of my students have gone on to attend prestigious universities such as Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Texas in Austin to name a few. My teaching portfolio extends beyond SAT preparation; I specialize in AP Precalculus, Honors Algebra, Honors Geometry, PSAT-Math, ACT-Math, ISEE, and SSAT. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating a supportive and judgment-free environment where students can explore their learning styles and passions, paving the way for both academic and personal growth. Join me in unlocking your full mathematical potential!


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  • SAT - Math

    For over a decade, I have specialized in coaching college-bound American high school students in SAT-Math, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel on this crucial exam.

  • AP-Precalculus, Algebra-2, Algebra-1, Geometry

    I have over a decade of experience tutoring students in the American Math curriculum, helping them excel in subjects ranging from Algebra to AP-Precalculus.


    I have also coached students for various standardized tests.


  • Online Math Tutor

    Growing Stars Inc

    Worked predominantly as SAT-Math tutor apart from ACT-Math, PSAT-Math, ISEE and SSAT. I also tutored Honors Algebra and Geometry.

    Dec 2013 - Sep 2019
  • Online Math Consultant


    I cater to the collegebound American High School students preparing them for SAT/ACT-Math. I also teach AP-Precalculus, Honors Algebra and Honors Geometry.

    Sep 2019 - Present
  • Math Teacher

    Independent tutor

    Taught Math and Science to grade 10 students.

    Jun 2006 - May 2007