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🔍 Enhance Your Business English Skills with Ease! 🔍 Are you eager to level up your English communication game and stand out in the competitive business world? Look no further! As someone with a background in accounting, I understand the value of clear language in the corporate landscape. Experience personalized language coaching that boosts your confidence, fluency and takes your professional interactions to a whole new level! Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity! Secure your spot now!
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  • FREE Trial - English CONVERSATION Class
    This is a free trial class for English conversational fluency
    25 min
  • English CONVERSATION Class
    This is a single session English CONVERSATION Class
    25 min
  • English PRONUNCIATION Class
    25 min

Recurring sessions

  • 30% Discount - English CONVERSATION Package
    This is a 30 session English CONVERSATION Training program designed to help learners speak English with less effort
    50 min
  • 25% Discount - English PRONUNCIATION Package
    This is a 20-session English pronunciation training program designed for upper beginner to upper intermediate English learners. Advanced learners can also benefit from the program to polish their pronunciation issues.
    50 min

About Me

I'm John, an experienced online English teacher and pronunciation trainer with an accounting background helping professionals improve their spoken English and pronunciation for better job performance and career advancement.


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  • Accent Reduction

    I help neutralize the heavy accent that learners have when they talk

  • Conversational English

    I train professionals with conversational English to help them speak the language with less effort and without thinking so much about grammar rules


  • English Teacher


    I help professionals advance their career and perform better at work by having them practice their conversational English skills through listening and speaking exercises. I also make sure that their pronunciation issues are corrected during our sessions.

    Oct 2018 - Present