William Stockbridge

Communication Coach and Public Speaking Expert

For the last 15 years, I've been working with professionals who want to communicate with confidence in groups, meetings or presentations. I help them develop a style of public speaking and leadership presence that is based on being who they are, rather than who they think they should be.

Through dynamic in-person and online programs, I'll guide you to discover your personal style of captivating audiences, unlocking your innate ability to connect, inspire, and command attention

Working together, we can achieve your communication goals to create the impact you need have in this fast-moving business landscape.

William Stockbridge


  • Free 25-Minute Consultation
    Let's meet and get to know each other so I can assess your needs! **(Free trials are one-time-only, students must then purchase full lessons.)
    25 min

Recurring sessions

  • 10 50-Minute Lessons Package
    Full 50-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions **Please feel free ask any questions about scheduling; I may be able to accommodate any reasonable request.**
    50 min

My Shop

  • BOOST - 3-month Fully Personalized Package
    $19.00 per hour! 3 months of consultation. Schedule up to twelve 60-minute meetings per month (36 hours total) BOOST your speech on a 3-month journey with the BOOST package, with me, William, your dedicated Speech Doctor. This intensive program is designed to spark immediate progress and confidence in your communication skills. Tailored lessons, exclusive subscriber perks, and weekly boosts will set you on a fast track to your desired outcome. It's more than a course; it's a swift and impactful journey to enhance your speaking abilities.
  • VOYAGE - 6-month Fully Personalized Package
    $16.00 per hour! 6 months of consultation. Schedule up to twelve 60-minute meetings per month (72 hours total)." Join me, your personal speech doctor, on a transformative 6-month VOYAGE. This extended program is crafted for those seeking lasting results in their speaking skills. With a customized treatment plan, exclusive sessions, and continuous progress tracking, each step is a stride toward mastery. Elevate your voice, refine your expression, and embark on this linguistic adventure designed to bring out the best in you.

About Me

👨‍⚕️ Hi, I'm William, your guide to confident communication! With over 15 years of experience in classrooms, lecture halls, conferences, convention stages, workshops, and private one-on-one meetings.

I have also taught over 6,000 online coaching sessions to students, professionals and leaders of industry in almost every country in the world.

For groups and individuals, I offer presentation skill training, public speaking programs, corporate presentation programs, voice training, accent reduction coaching, interview skills, executive presence and communication skill training.

My clients say I have gift for seeing who people are, and for guiding them to realize more of their potential through authentic communication.

My innovative programs, will help you uncover your unique way of engaging listeners, freeing your natural abilities to connect, captivate and compel attention... so you stand out from the crowd when you speak.



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    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Expert English Language Tutor

    For over 15 years, I have been delivering engaging lessons for diverse learners, from beginners to advanced levels. In classrooms and online learning environments.

  • Customized Content Creation

    Customized Content Creation: Tailor curriculum and instruction to individual needs and learning styles, maximizing student progress.

  • Speech Language Specialist

    Designing and implementing individualized plans for students with diverse communication challenges is my passion

  • Effective Feedback and Assessment

    Allow me to provide constructive guidance and track progress to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Audio Content Development

    Vast experience in cutting-edge technologies to create engaging and personalized learning experiences.

  • Online Platform Expertise

    I utilize various online platforms and educational software to facilitate seamless virtual learning.

  • Interactive Learning Architect

    I love to design interactive and technology-infused lessons that spark curiosity and enhance engagement.

  • Data-Driven Analysis

    I analyze student performance data to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune instruction for optimal results.

  • Global Award Winner

    I have been recognized for exceptional achievements in TESOL by the prestigious Global TESOL Award.

  • Experienced IELTS Expert

    -I have guided countless students to achieve their desired band scores. -Personalized Coaching: Tailor instruction to your individual strengths and weaknesses. -Exam Insightful: Crack all four sections with my insider tips and test-taking strategies. -Effective Feedback: Maximize learning with detailed feedback and targeted practice. -Results-Driven Approach: Celebrate success together as you reach your IELTS goals.

  • TOEFL Strategist

    -Conquer the TOEFL with My Expertise: -TOEFL Guru: Demystify the test with my in-depth knowledge and proven teaching methods. -Strategic Navigator: Guide you through all sections, mastering Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. -Personalized Roadmap: Craft a customized study plan based on your target score and learning style. -Feedback Mastermind: Provide incisive feedback and targeted practice to refine your TOEFL skills. -Confidence Builder: Foster your test-taking confidence and empower you to ace the TOEFL.

  • Ph.D. Vanderbilt University

    I hold a Ph.D. in Hearing and Speech Science from Vanderbilt University, a program renowned for its cutting-edge research. My doctoral studies focused on advancing our understanding of auditory and speech processes. Through rigorous research, I've developed expertise in accent reduction, contributing valuable insights to the field. My doctoral journey at Vanderbilt equipped me with a comprehensive skill set, including advanced data analysis, experimental design, and a deep understanding of the latest advancements in hearing and speech science.


  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

    Boston Public School System

    Supported students with significant communication disabilities who require specialized techniques (e.g., speech-generating devices, picture boards) to express themselves effectively.

    Mar 2008 - Mar 2011
  • Public Speaking Coach


    Built a client base of individual and group coaching for business professionals, entrepreneurs, actors, or anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills.

    Dec 2011 - Present
  • Director and Shareholder

    Baan Dek-Inter, International Language School

    -Directed strategic growth. -Safeguarded financial health. -Cultivated top-tier learning. -Forged strong community bonds. -Championed the school brand.

    Aug 2014 - Mar 2018
  • Online English Tutor


    -Enhanced confidence and fluency: Boosted communication skills across personal and professional settings. -Career Advancement: Equipped clients with improved speaking abilities, leading to successful job placements and promotions. -Built Strong Relationships: Facilitated deeper connections through clear and impactful communication.

    Mar 2017 - Present